Brown wants to win momentum swing

Updated: July 17, 2017

nib Newcastle Knights coach Nathan Brown and co-captain Jamie Buhrer spoke to the media following Saturday’s loss at McDonald Jones Stadium.

Brown admits his side showed fight against the Brisbane Broncos, but struggled coming back from a momentum swing in the second half.

“Our first half against some quality opposition, we played some really good footy,” he said.

“When we lose that momentum, we really don’t come together with our defence and then we leak another quick try and find ourselves under the pump.

“If you look at the start of the game, (Josh) Kingy had a great shot on Korbin (Sims) to start the game, it was our first kick off.

“When we have something bad go against us, we have to get that mentality, get back in the fight quickly and sort out a loss of momentum.”

Not even a minute into the second half, the Broncos’ James Roberts picked up a 70-metre try to level the scores before a quick two tries followed.

“The worst play was to kick it into Jimmy the Jet (Roberts),” said Brown.

“That played a huge part in the result and what happened next.

“We have to understand that when something really horrible goes against us, we have to learn to turn the game with our defence and to really fight hard, to come together and stop things.”

Brown admits he was pleased to see his side stage a comeback despite a list of errors.

“I think we had five or six errors at the back end of that game and I felt confident with our attacking, if we got within two we could have gone past them,” commented Brown.

“It is never any one player with us, last week the right side came up with the bad finish to the game and it was our left side this week that came up with the poor finish.

“We are all disappointed, the players, the staff but we’re certainly optimistic there is a good football team within the group of young players as they keep developing.

“I can guarantee that all the guys come to training after their disappointment and they’re doing some really good stuff at training.

“They are far more advanced than they were last year at training, it is a process and sometimes it is painful.”

Brown also maintained the loss of Pete Mata’utia to a HIA impacted on their game structure.

“Joe (Wardle) spends a lot of the time on the right side of the field when he’s a right kicker and Hokko (Trent Hodkinson) generally shifts it to Pete (Mata’utia) who dribbles it with his left foot which has been valuable for us so the change in personnel probably hurt a little bit,” claimed Brown.

Co-captain Buhrer agreed the Brisbane Broncos’ run of tries after half time seemed like déjà vu.

“The mentality is to try and change the momentum and we’re just not doing the important things at the right times,” Buhrer added.

“There is a bit of intent but the things you need to do to win games, we’re just not doing them at the times we need them.

“If we locked that ball up, we might keep them inside that 40, change the complexity of the portion of that game but when we don’t, it’s no ball, two tries and suddenly you’re chasing your tail.

“There is plenty of ticker in this team but we’ve just got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot quite frankly.”

The experienced forward, who started at hooker, admits he doesn’t mind playing a utility role.

“It is something that I have done a fair few times this year,” stated Buhrer.

“Obviously with Rory (Kostjasyn) not being available for the majority of the year, I’ve had to come in and help Danny (Levi) out there.

“It is a role I am comfortable to play and I want to come in and try and help the team in any way that I can and if that’s playing nine, or it’s on the edge, at the end of the day we need to turn things around.”


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